December 10-11, 2020

Live Virtual Experience. Worldwide.

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As the global business environment confronts a dramatic disruption caused by an unprecedented crisis, soul-searching has begun in virtual boardrooms to reimagine core brand philosophies. Marketing narratives must adapt to the shifting priorities, and advertising needs to innovate faster than ever before to capture the fleeting attention span of the consumers. The all-pervading digital age is no more a futuristic chimera. It has arrived.

India International Brand Summit 2020 is bringing together industry stalwarts with a proven record of leading change and creating formidable brands. CEOs, CMOs, Creative Directors, Communications Experts and Brand Evangelists will engage in conversations on themes designed to address the current market realities. The first-hand insights and virtual networking opportunities will set the growth agenda for the participating companies and individuals in the months and years to come.

Join us live from your home-office, your study, your corner cabin or from your living room on 10th and 11th of December 2020, at the first edition of the India International Brand Summit 2020 and benefit from the confluence of some of the best marketing minds in India.


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